AFA No.8


Thanks to all of our sponsors and everyone who took the the time to nominate and vote. There were some really tight votes this year but the winners have emerged, mark the names and next time you see them out doing their thing, give 'em some props!

2012 AFA Winners

1. Freeride Advocate — Loyal and Richard Ratte
2. Park/Urban Rat 17 and under — Markus Dean
3. Park/Urban Rider 18 and over — Andrew Pike
4. Trail Builder — MMBTS
5. Junior DH Racer — Logan Ratte
6. Senior DH Racer — Cody Ratte
7. Junior Dirt Jumper 17 and under — Max Langille
8. Dirt Jump Guru 18 and over — Rhys Ellis
9. All Around Rider 17 and under — Logan Ratte
10. All Around Rider 30+ — Richard Ratte
11. All Around Female — Kristine Wiess
12. All Around Rider 18-29 — Mike Brothers
13. Freerider of the Year — Mike Brothers

What are the AFAs all about?

The goal of the Alberta Freeride Awards is to increase the exposure of our sport and our athletes. We want to showcase the abilities and talents that are being produced locally. This event is all about community and having all of the riders come together for one night and celebrate our sport. By nominating your favourite local riders you are supporting the local scene and helping our freeride community grow throughout Alberta!